Our Year Review and Plans for 2020

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2020 – a new decade is about to start and a really exciting year is over again. We learned so much this year, overcome some of our limits and grow personally and in our business. 2019 started for us really stressfull – nonstopp planning and preparing our first, big workshop in tuscany! We cant tell you how nervous we where – and scared. So many people had the trust and travelled to tuscany – one of them even all the way from the US! And a team over  10 people travelled from germany and austria to make the workshop days perfect! Thank you again to each and everyone of you again!

Also we build our own shop for photographer products at the beginning of the year. We wrote and puplished our first book, created our first preset pack for selling, wrote and designed a new bridal magazine and renovated a 50 year old caravan in high wedding season! So – yes it was really a hard working and challenging year, with also lots of tears, long working nights and also really frustrating weeks and arguments between the two of us.

One thing what we want to tell you really clearly: Self employment, with a pretty instagram feed, lovely insta stories from beautiful days and nice behind the scenes can build a unrealistic, idyllic image – which in real life is not the picturesque – „everyday is a dream“ live! To run a (seasonal) business as a couple, is not easy everday. You have to work hard, stay out difficult times with not enough income, not enough time for your private live, your friends and family. There are days, when we wish we had a standard employee nine to five job, a solid income every month and no worries when you come home and have free time. But we don’t want this to be a complaining blogpost! We really love our job and the benefits of self employment are bigger for us, than the difficult times. It’s worth the fight every day, the hard work and also the sorrows, which come with it. 

Some of you maybe know, that I (Angelika) had a cancer diagnosis 2018 and Theraphy finally ended this year in June. So 2018 AND 2019 was also personal a really tough year for both of us. We worked too much this year – even when we know it was necessary, because we want to create another income for the future – and that is a lot of work!

So also the next year (and years) will be hard working. But anyway we want to change some things. The main change we want to make, is to take more days off! To keep the passion and love for our job, it is necessary to create enough time to refill with new ideas, new inspiration and new power.


• So we want to take care, to have at least one „off day“ per week – because we simply didn’t had enough short „breaks“ this year during high season.

• We want to improve ourselves more next year. We have some Workshops and trainings which we both want to visit, to learn and grow in business and in our personal lives

• We want to spend more time with Bonny (our Dog) and do many hikes with her!

• We want to estaplish a daily (morning) routine for us

• We want to meet our friends more often

• We don’t want to have the preassure of delivering images and films in a exact fixed time frame after shooting – of course we will keep on trying to finish everything as soon as possible, because we don’t like long toDo lists – but good things take time! We don’t want to hurry, only to be in that time frame – but we want to take the time that it needs to give our images and films the final look that we want. Even when it takes one, two or three weeks longer than expected! We create something that will last for a lifetime – so please be patient clients! We want to make the best out of your images and films with enough time – especially in high season, when we also travel a lot and don’t have many office days!

• long story short: we want to create a better „work-life“ Balance for us!


Now we would love to hear from you – do you have any Goals, Plans or Changes for the upcoming year? Do you want to change something?

We really wish you a wonderful new year – a happy, advanturous and healthy one, full of beautiful moments and full of love!



Angelika, Artur & Bonny


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