Anne & Lukas – wunderschöne Hochzeit bei Pforzheim

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Anne and Lukas may already know her from the beautiful, natural engagement shoot , which we have already shown on the blog. The one wedding no mega-pompous location and no 50,000 € budget must have to be beautiful, has shown us once again the wedding of Anne & Lukas. Some couples feel that you simply need a huge amount of money for such a “picture book” wedding. Do not get us wrong – of course you need money for a great wedding! But you can do without a trendy and super expensive wedding location. A wedding in the garden or a rather less pompous wedding location at the first glance can be transformed with the right decoration and the right team for it and in the end a beautiful result! But, of course, the search is also the most difficult point and often the most expensive item. Our short tip would be: look for venues that are not known as wedding locations. Aaaaber actually this should not be a wedding planning blogpost – we want to show you a wedding today! 😀 Aaaaber actually this should not be a wedding planning blogpost – we want to show you a wedding today! 😀 Aaaaber actually this should not be a wedding planning blogpost – we want to show you a wedding today! 😀

At the beginning of the year they both visited us in our studio and told us something about their wedding plans. Anne & Lukas are such a couple, which you like right from the first moment and totally sympathetic. We were really happy when they decided to book us. The two had doubts as to whether their celebration location was pretty and photogenic enough. We then encouraged them to invest in a great decoration – because you can get the right people just great out of not so great rooms and with the right ideas and means can change almost everything. When the two had booked my mum , we were sure that would be great 😀 Also the concept was totally us. Plain with white and green and very natural. Besides, I was quite upset when Anne told me she was wearing an ANNA KARA dress * aaaahhh *. I love the style totally, simple, playful and tender. As you may know, we are not both the classic princesses of weddings and dresses (sorry Brides!). The sweet headpiece is by the way of anoushka headpieces <3 That the two of us also come from our next environment from Pforzheim and get married here is very rare for us and we have been happy this weekend in 20 minutes drive already arrived at the finish: – At Anne, I first had a very funny story happened: since she was still on the road, her dad wanted to bring me Anne’s dress, so I could take pictures before. When he then gave me a very “vintage” I was really insecure for the first time: When the mom came, we could quickly clarify the misunderstanding: her dad had brought me the old wedding dress of Anne’s mum by accident 😀 That was Just so cute and we had to laugh so! 😀 By the way, how cool looks, by the way, the suit of Luke? We have recommended the two guys the great Mr. Ash Tailor Store and there for Luke then the beautiful suit was made. The whole day was just very relaxed and easy, the two made us easy and we had a great wedding together. The marriage ceremony was very emotional and as you know, we love free weddings actually much more. But this priest had held the speech very personally and when Luke then also sang “Ring on Fire” for his Anne and played on the guitar, it was also happening around me hahaha: D The two were so sweet from start to finish lovable. When we arrived at the location, we were really surprised how beautiful everything looked! Just look at the pictures, then you know what I mean 🙂 The banner with the gold inscription for the huge Blumenkranz on the wall, I was allowed to make for the two of them. In any case, we were very happy to be there and to get to know the two! Thank you Anne & Luki for your trust! We hope and believe that you will still be able to look at the pictures of your 50th wedding anniversary and be able to reminisce:

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  1. Carolin stöppler sagt:

    Wie ist denn der Name dieser wundervoll gestalteten Location?

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